How to Improve your Development Process by Integrating Tools

Working on the tech side of things, I’m in the loop with clients about the challenges they face in managing data across their development process.

A story I frequently hear from clients is their organizations operate with multiple teams and sub-teams, each following their own unique development process. While this approach is often necessary, it often leads to lower innovation and increases costs. As teams and even sub-teams within them operate in silos, they fail to efficiently leverage the knowledge because its contained across many development applications. From Jira, to Git, to DOORS, and many others.

IBM recognizes these challenges and understands there is no universal development tool or process. Which is why IBM worked to create the IBM Integration Hub. The Hub is a no-code solution that can tie any of the development tools in the picture along with DOORS, DOORS Next, and Workflow Management together.

A popular use case is to connect a requirement in DOORS Next to a Story in Jira and then have those atomically tied to a bug in Azure DevOps. This is just one example out of the limitless possibilities that exist. Through using the Integration Hub, I’ve seen clients increase their traceability and greatly reduce rework among many other things.

To explore more of what could be possible please reach out to ABS and to explore use cases.