Reflections on Inflections

I read a great article on Investopedia about Inflection Points that caught my attention, partially because there was a statement that I’ve talked about with customers for years -
If companies are not able to adapt to an inflection point, they will fail to keep up with competitors and cease operations. For those that can adapt, inflection points can be an advantage.”

What Is an Inflection Point?

In statics, it’s a point where the curve changes concavity – the curve changes direction. In Business, “An inflection point is an event that results in a significant change in the progress of a company, industry, sector, economy, or geopolitical situation and can be considered a turning point after which a dramatic change, with either positive or negative results, is expected to result.”

While change is often disruptive, it is completely normal, and even healthy depending on your perspective. The whole process of change is timeless – the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva have represented this process for thousands of years… things are created, preserved for a time, and destroyed to make way for new things. Not that the understanding of that fact makes the said changes any easier to embrace.

I’m interested in this topic, because indications are that we are in the process of undergoing an economic inflection point now. Where that goes is both exciting and terrifying, but one thing is certain – Companies that are not ready and able to adapt to change will always be at risk.

IBM is not only able to adapt to change, but often leads the way. If you check the IBM Press Releases, ( you’ll note that there is something new just about every week – and not just small tweaks, we’re talking Inflection Point level stuff –

  • Collaboration with AWS
  • Quantum Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainability
  • Supply Chain
  • Modernization
  • Wildfire Prevention and Management
  • Real-Time AI for transaction Processing
  • And over 100 more pages showing more releases…

I think one of the greatest things about IBM is the practice of partnering with the customer on solutions. IBM has a huge base of technical expertise available to work with you on any idea you have to adjust to the changes we are experiencing today. Not only that, IBM has a long list of successes to validate the level of value we have to offer to you and your customers.

If you are thinking about something that you want to change, or to create, and you are looking for a partner to help bring that idea to fruition, feel free to reach out to me. I’m not omniscient, so I can’t answer all the questions, but I can help find someone who can.

When you have a minute, check my blog page occasionally at - I’ll be posting there as I get excited about upcoming new releases of the IBM Engineering tools. (Like Containerized ELM Tools, or other things, like the Z16, or Watson Assistant, or IBM Food Trust, or maybe how my chickens are doing.) You are also invited to review my quick “How To” videos on youtube here - or click the icon to the left of this post.

Please feel free to request more information or an Engineering Tools conversation with Wade Towles , Senior AI Applications Specialist at IBM.