Using iApproveIt In your GitLab CI/CD Pipeline

iApproveIt can be incorporated into your GitLab CI/CD pipelines to allow for instant approvals to improve speed of delivery. Let’s take a look.

First download and install the iApproveIt Client on the machines where your GitLab Runners are installed and run your pipelines.

Next create a project in iApproveIt that will be used to control the pipeline and add associates who will give feedback for your pipeline.

Now let jump into GitLab CI/CD Editor and configure your pipeline to include iApproveIt. Our example we add an Approval Stage. Use the “Show Client Request Command” and copy and paste the iApproveIt Command into the CI/CD Editor.

We also, give this stage a dependency using tags. This means only when the deploy tag is used will this stage be called in the pipeline.

Finally, we create a deploy tag on our branch and we will receive an iApproveIt request to approve the deployment. If we answer with an approve then the deployment pipeline continues. Otherwise it stops with a failure, Not Approved.