What are ClearTrigger ~Aliases?

ClearTrigger ~Aliases

Many portions of the license file can contain aliases. These aliases are useful when you want to group several objects together by a single name so that they can name can be used to represent that grouping throughout the clearbits file.

This is useful for creating fictitious “groupings” (the term “grouping” instead of “group” is used because ClearTrigger aliases can be used to group not just (users) into groups but also to “group” numbers of <groups>, {elements}, [VOBs], [VOB:replicas], %views% or @times@ or any combination of each of the types.

Additionally, aliases can be used to “group” types as in brtype lbtype. An alias “grouping” might consist of (users) , <groups> , {elements} , [VOBs] , [VOB:replicas] , %views% or @times@ as found in:

  • MOTD Restriction List
  • Region Inhibited List
  • Region Special Access List
  • Comand Key Allow List
  • Command Key Disallow List
  • Comand Key Trigger Not User List
  • Command Key Trigger Only User List

or they may be a type item as found in RIN List :

  • Restriction List
  • Inclusion List
  • Negation List

You may define up to 40 aliases in the ClearTrigger Region such that:

  • Alias names may contain up to 50 characters from [a…z,A…Z,0…9,_]
  • Alias values may contain up to 256 characters not to include ‘,’ or ‘;’
  • Alias values may contain other aliases (so a hierarchy can be built) up to 5 levels deep
  • Alias must fit under 2048 characters when fully expanded
  • Alias definitions are only valid before the license key in the clearbits file. All other alias definitions after the license key are treated as comments.

Alias definitions are “hidden” in the upper portion (above the license) of the clearbits file and are of this form:
#!cleartrigger_alias {alias_name} {alias_value}

Dynamic Variables and Patterns may be used in the alias value as well and are evaluated at run_time. There are examples below:

Example (each on single line)
#!cleartrigger_alias good_users (&) (cclarke) (slewand) (rcarter)
#!cleartrigger_alias dev_vobs [cell] [proj_##_?]
#!cleartrigger_alias mgt_access [mgt] {
#!cleartrigger_alias limit_types brtype lbtype<REL#.#*>
#!cleartrigger_alias corp ~good_users ~dev_vobs ~mgt_access

Once defined in the clearbits file that alias can be used instead of the “grouping” in Region fields and command keys. Refer to an alias as ~alias when you want ClearTrigger to expand the alias at runtime. There are examples below:

; vobadm ~good_users <*adm> ;
; jgardner ~bad_users ~interns ;
pre_MODIFY_ELEM;R; ;0;0;0;D; ~students ;N; ~admins ;0;tag.pl;
pre_MODIFY_ELEM;R; ~limit_types ;x;10;


  • The ~alias must have a trailing ’ ’ character after it when referenced
  • Alias references are expanded before error message are build so “real” user, groups, VOBs etc. are display (not the ~alias name)