Where is a Good Overview of iApproveIt?

iApproveIt is an application that allows for the real-time interactive approval and notification of watched or controlled events. The insertion of such control was previously cumbersome because it was performed via email which required the email receiver to respond before the process could continue which resulted in delays if the receiver was not currently at their desk to read and respond to the email. Furthermore, the receiver (or approver) could not guarantee that their approval or disapproval of the action was adhered to as emails can be lost, misinterpreted or even ignored.

With iApproveIt, Real-Time Interactive Notifications can be sent directly to an approver’s phone or associated channel without having to know the approver’s mobile phone number or channel link and the approvers wishes are automatically adhered to in real-time thus lowering process approval and real notification from minutes or hours to just seconds.

Users are placed in Projects (or groups of individuals). Projects are created and intended to be notified or queried together when certain actions are performed or about to be performed.

Project Members can elect to be contacted simultaneously through many devices or media like email , SMS on their mobile phone , or through application channels through webhooks like Microsoft Teams , Slack , RingCentral , WebEx and more.

The iApproveIt Client program (or iApproveIt API call) establishes communication between the process that is being controlled or audited and the devices of Project Members. The Project can be used for any number of actions that the organization wishes to control or provide notification for; each action can be controlled differently using different voting parameters. Users can create many Projects, be a Member of many Projects and Projects can have many Members.

The Project Members direct policy with “approvals” or “disapprovals” , but they can even provide advice or comments back to the user. Again, you just can’t do this with email or texting.

You can now create a process that includes those Managers that want control where before you might not because they could not respond fast enough to include their approval in real-time thus making the process to slow to proceed.

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