Where is a Good Overview of iDeployIt?

A Good iDeployIt Overview is right here

iDeployIt is a flexible Software Deployment DevOps product for today’s software deployment scenarios. It allows for local distributions and complex remote multi-server environment deliveries. It provides business logic gates to control and configure software before, during and after deployment, using configurable triggers. iDeployIt integrates with all CM tools or build processes providing version control extraction, software building and post-delivery customization as part of a deployment.

iDeployIt provides a straightforward model for the application infrastructure and governance models. Define users who can deploy, determine products to be deployed, where deployments are installed and any configuration scripts to be run for each product. Once defined, use the intuitive natural language interface to deploy, no need to know passwords or any details. Views provide a detailed accounting of all deployments in a centralized web-enabled interface. The ability to compare deployments against other deployments to look for problems, bottlenecks, or deployment details.

Examples of some information rich interfaces follow. Click on any image below see a larger version of the image.

You can
a 3 minute video overview|54x40, width=50% that gives you a high-level overview and demo of some of the features here:

You can read more details about iDeployIt here: